Message from the South West Seniors Outreach Society

Board President

          Hi Everybody,

                                  It has been some time since I last messaged or spoke to any of you. As I am sure that you will realise, up until now we have had no real idea or any given timeline to plan our return to the South West Seniors. We still are only allowed a maximum of 50 people in a room, but with social distancing by everybody. You will realise the furore that would ensue if we attempted to do that. Can you imagine trying to allow only 50 people? Do we choose, and if so, how? There is no way that I would stop anyone from attending over someone else! With a membership of over 200? Also…social distancing? When we are used to hugging and kissing our friends…come on, get real! Not happening, so we must wait until we are allowed much larger groups with no social distancing. Unfortunately, that could take a long time, depending on the behaviour of people and the continued transmission of Covid-19.

                                    Rhonda, who is the choir leader, is trying to set up a choir zoom group. Rhonda would instruct and teach anyone who is interested in joining. At present, it is thought a once a week activity. She will also have Jillian the pianist to play. This is still in the idea stage and needs to be well planned and co-ordinated. We will let you know how and where and whom to contact, when it is worked out. Obviously, participants would need access to a computer or I-pad to take part. Choir members could probably contact Lil Bennett. If anyone is interested, the choir performed “Peace is Flowing Like a River” to high acclamation. It can be found on u-tube as performed by the South West Seniors.

                                     Linda is still manning the office, but like the rest of us, has no real information as to what will happen.

                                     Please, everybody, take care, stay safe, we want to see you all again as soon as possible.


Michael Morèl