About Us

Although there has been much evolution with South-West Senior’s Outreach Society (Southwest Seniors), the original vision for a seniors’ centre in the southwest area of Edmonton came from Joanne Way, Pastoral Assistant of St. Agnes Parish.  Joanne recognized a need for a place of renewal for seniors in our community and a need for assistance to caregivers of seniors requiring more support.  From an initiation phase, investigation, development of programs, selection of facilities and implementation, South-West Senior’s Outreach Society received their Certificate of Incorporation as a society on July 13, 1986.

Our primary purpose is to provide a place where seniors can meet and establish a welcoming centre for each other.  The end result is a group of seniors active in their own interests, while, at the same time, helping to enrich the lives of others in need through fellowship, shared activities, mutual goals and interest.

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