south-west seniors outreach society
10832 - 62 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 1N1
Ph: (780) 435-9515
Office hours: 9:00am - 3:30pm (tue-wed-thu)


happy new year! 2021


South-West Seniors Centre still remains closed. Please check back at a later date. Stay healthy and safe.



The Choir is currently active through “Zoom”. You are most welcome to join! There is no charge (Until the Centre Opens). If you are interested please email Rhonda (Choir Director) at:


Do you know of a member who is ill (in hospital or at home?) or a member who has had a family member pass away? If so, please call the office. Linda will pass the information on to our Hospitality Committee: Madonna Lussier and Betty Morel

If you are having difficulty locating masks, please contact the office at south-west seniors (780) 435-9515

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for up to date information on covid-19 and related information go to:

South-West Seniors Choir update!

We are now able to log in to YouTube to see South-West Seniors Choir group performing!

They are doing a fantastic job and it’s so nice to see and hear them sing! 

 Christmas songs and videos are now available!

Click on the links below!

Peace is Flowing Like a River:

Pack Up Your Troubles:

All Through The Night:

Christmas Concert: