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Edmonton, Alberta T6H 1N1
Ph: (780) 435-9515
Office hours: 9:00am - 3:30pm (tue-wed-thu)


october 2020 - happy halloween!

News update:

It has been a long journey dealing with this pandemic. it has changed everything at home and worldwide.

With many mixed emotions we must remember that we are all in this together.

The effects this has on all of us varies greatly:

For some it is a time of loneliness and isolation, for others it is a time to connect with family.

For some it is the stress of not knowing if they can pay their next month's bills, and for others it is a time to slow down.

Either way, helping one another during this pandemic is vital. we will get through this and when we do... we will look back and proudly say that we did it together.

who knows ..... maybe a new friendship will be discovered along the way!

Stay healthy and safe!


Unfortunately South-West Seniors still remains closed. Under the direction of the Diocese, we are not allowed to have any activities at the centre. They will advise me when we can resume normal activities and the Board Members will be notified.


The Choir is currently active through “Zoom”. You are most welcome to join! There is no charge (Until the Centre Opens). If you are interested please call the office.


Do you know of a member who is ill (in hospital or at home?) or a member who has had a family member pass away? If so, please call the office. Linda will pass the information on to our Hospitality Committee: Madonna Lussier and Betty Morel

If you are having difficulty locating masks, please contact the office at south-west seniors (780) 435-9515

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for up to date information on covid-19 and related information go to:

A big "thank you" to the board members
I would like to thank the Board members who voted in favor of getting a new computer for the office.
it is much appreciated!

Linda Jackson
(Office Administrator)